Monday, November 21, 2016

One last huzzah, a condemnation, and a statement.

Its been a long time since my last post.

A REALLY long time.
Hell, Occupy has been over since 2012. That's....about four years. 4-5, really if you get down to brass tacks. Man, how time flies. Sometimes curiosity gets the better of me and I look around to see what people have been up people turned out.

Which leads you to those moments where you realize just how much better off you are without some people.
For the most part, i'll be honest with the fact that since then I have gone out of my way to burn bridges with anyone associated with Occupy Wall Street that I didn't know and associate with already beforehand. If ever there was a shining example of what a movement should NOT do...a microcosm of everything that is wrong with government and the people themselves, Occupy was definitely it. And Occupy Nashville, whom had to be the top of everything..certainly outdid themselves when it came to corruption, cronyism, bad behavior, backpedalling, and victim mentality.

Its come to the point that even with a social media presence still in existence, you really can't throw a speck of a pebble without running into social justice warriors, extreme marxists and socialists that beyond working the crowd can't really bribe someone to keep them from being absolutely off-the-rails crazy. I fully expect some day to see the majority of them in some form or other on some Youtube Cringe Compilation.

So let me make one thing perfectly clear from the start.
I completely denounce and distance myself from anything and everything Occupy Nashville related. The actual Occupy movement died from hijacking YEARS ago and only harkens now to those that are good examples of everything the movement was supposed to be against. Don't fall for their lies, their over-glorified bullshit, and their smiling face facade. Its an act. It is all an act and any prolonged, intelligent dissection of the garbage that comes out of their mouths or their media is going to showcase this REALLY quickly.

Why the statement? It seems that the grown children that pass themselves off as the movement these days are planning all kinds of not-so-nice-stuff. All because their candidate didn't get picked. So now, they're going out of their way to do what most social justice morons do...and that is emotionally work the crowd until you have a mob mentality going. The mob that doesn't think or just acts and reacts according to how it is steered. Now, consider that 4 years ago we were already having big problems with agent provocateurs trying to incite violence...and now they have a comfortable cushion of "follower types" to back them up...impressionable young minds that will agree with anything as long as they have a place/group to be a part of. The epitome of "cult mentality."

People use to question this stuff all the time, and I would laugh at it all the time. I thought it was nonsense..but the end of Occupy and the years that followed have shown me if anything that those fears from others were well founded. These are intelligent, educated people reduced to the role of useful longer capable of rational thought, no longer capable of reasoning. Its all emotional short-term fiascos, lack of judgement calls worth a damn and catchphrases that you can tell were not thought through not for a moment or for a second.
They tell you another world is possible, but the world they bring to the table they have already demonstrated to be horrifically worse than the one we already have. So what did we wind up fighting for?

For $1000 in donations to magically disappear unaccounted, as far as I know even to this day. The equipment that disappeared..oh wait, of the feminists stole it and was never held responsible because "the evil straight while males were out to get her".For the harrassment of others mainly those that questioned the radical feminist or extreme radical "anarchist" presence within the movement..both of which just wanted to use everyone for whatever they could get, and start a riot most of the rest of the time. The words "intelligent animal" come to mind. Civilized savage works, too...but not a damn one of them seems to understand the concept of morals or humanity other than propping themselves up and putting on a false front as some sort of messiah figure or revolutionary war hero. I'm sure that's what they see themselves as...I mean, even Stalin viewed himself as some sort of awesome force. Oh, and apparently we risked a bunch for people to use money to buy drugs with, or to endanger the businesses in the area by doing things we should not have honestly done. (One of which seems to actually be closed, and yes, considering how nice they were to us..i'm going to be pretty pissed off about that one for a VERY long time.) To be blunt, we wasted our goddamn time.

Unsurprisingly, the crazy is still present, only like most things in the years since, its gone to extremes. You ever notice that? Its always one extreme or the other. There never really is any kind of middle ground or even any kind of real compromise. Its always taking whatever they can get, 1000 tons of self-serving greed on wheels ready and eager to screw over everyone and anyone so long as they look good for the camera. And HOW CAN WE FORGET the time honored way of dealing with people that question them? Suddenly they have to be racist, sexist, homophobic...or whatever other emotionally charged trope phrase they can throw out..again, to work the crowd and distance themselves from having to field any responsibility.

Which brings me to the issue with Hillary, Trump, and Bernie. First and foremost, I thought a LOT was weird about Trump and still do, in ways I can't quite put a finger on. However, lets get into the other ones.

Bernie: Race-baited, poor money decisions. Talked about class warfare but hell if he didn't benefit from it. This election brought out a new side in him, as the emails revealed guess what? HE IS EXACTLY like the rest of them and was bought and BRIBED. Mind you, he was bought before he stood a chance in office. So, what does this tell us? What do you think that one is gonna do in office? He's going to get bribed even more.
So it stands to reason this man is not a good candidate. So shut the fuck up already, he lost, and quite frankly he deserved to lose.

Which brings me now to Hillary. The only I'm with her you'll hear from me is HER FOR PRISON.
You want to talk about Racism? She called mexicans Taco Bowls and muslims "sand ni****rs".
Sexist? Okay, lets get into that she only harassed and black listed EVERY SINGLE ONE of the people that Bill raped, thus defending a rapist with a smile on her face. Tell me again how you care about rape culture so much...or is it only okay when a rich woman does it?
Okay, and then there's endorsements she recieved through the Clinton Foundation from? Countries where the rumor of being LGBT is punishable by death. BY THE MILLIONS.
And really, how much do you have to suck at your job to be a Democrat and LOSE Michigan, which has been a Democrat party stronghold for according to them at least 30 freakin years???
Then there's the connections to drug and weapons smuggling, some of them to Central/South American cartels....and an ever growing freakin body count associated with her. (With what...12,13 deaths? associated with her since the bit with the DNC cronyism scandals alone???)

And this bitch is the one you want in office because you're supposedly so scared of Trump? Dear lord, I always knew there was a case for mental illness in this country but I was never aware it was such an epidemic as this! You actually WANT this idiot in office? Wow. Something is seriously, sincerely wrong with you. No, really, it is you with the mental problems at that point.

And then the lot had the nerve to label anyone that doesn't vote the way they want as mysognistic, sexist,racist, homophobic, etc etc the last EIGHT years of that garbage didn't tell you that honest, everday people have had enough of this?
At that point, way to prove the naysayers right. There may be a lot of lunatics out there, but man if anyone that was on the fence and considered listening to what you had to say hasn't firmly jumped into the camp of "Go fuck yourself and the horse you rode in on." All you're doing is proving your opposition right..a mistake Occupy has never learned from since its inception. That and taking responsibility for its mistakes.Never were good at that, and the people that tried to get ya to do as much were targetted for harrassment...ironically enough by the ones that claimed they were so worried about harrassment. (Which, I do have the emails, so you can keep your forked tongues between your teeth like the venomous vipers the lot of you have largely been. I don't care if you find that disrespectful because you're a bunch of liars and traitors and quite frankly deserve no respect.)

Oh, and what a surprise...all the supposed stuff that Trump supporters are claimed to have doing? The false reports are being revealed by the truckload. The people passing off that shit as truth are being unmasked as the useful idiots they have always been. Hell, Trump? I saw the interview. I don't really listen to the media side of things..I pay VERY, VERY close attention to what the people actually say..which is why I didn't like Obama. He was fake from the word go. Oh, and guys..gals...its hard to scream Republican conspiracy out to get Hillary for being a Dem...when after Trump won the nomination the majority of Republicans JUMPED SHIP TO GET BEHIND HILLARY....a move that has not been done politically since the day I was born, if its ever been done.

Anyway, back to Trump. Certain people that were questionable have already been removed, like Cuomo and Christie. Maybe you'd notice these things if you weren't jumping around and screaming like wild apes in a zoo...which by the way? Much better behaved then the lot of you, EVEN four years later. Just throwing that out there. I digress. Mexico has actually turned around and said they'd work with us. Russia has said they'd work with us...which was a bit surprising IMHO. The bit with immigration? ILLEGAL IMMIGRANTS, with a target on? Criminals and gang bangers. Straight from his mouth, by the way. Might do to try actually shutting up and listening some time. You might learn things. And suddenly..the TPP is off the table. Its dead, of those things that Occupy was so concerned with. Another thing Occupy was so concerned with? Term limits in office. Do yourselves a favor, read the 100 day plan NPR put up for the guy.
And let me tell you, neither Hillary nor Bernie would have done shit about either. BUT, they are who you want in. And now you want petitions for the electoral votes in December to pull a jedi mind trick and put Hillary in? Look folks, time to get back to reality. Hillary conceded the election. She lost. Once you concede it doesn't matter how many stunts you pull, she isn't going to be President. That's why Obama isn't doing jack shit right now and has become strangely quiet. In a VERY unusual move, he's kind of backed off from things...the establishment that Occupy claimed to be AGAINST (and now seems to love to root for like a bunch of hypocrites)..just got a kick in the nuts in a way that surprised even me. And the establishment has made *very* clear since that they are not happy that this has happened. That isn't acting on their part. They're as surprised as myself and everyone else. You all underestimated that your childish antics came with a larger cost, and now its bit you in the ass. Its too late to change hearts and minds. You're done, and its your own fault..but even now you still won't admit it. You respond with more childishness.

But back to Trump. I'm not going to tell you he's going to be some messiah figure, because he's not. He still could very well turn out to be some complete idiot. It is VERY possible. However, the man hasn't even had his first day in office and everyone's throwing crap around like monkeys at the zoo. Just sit down, shut up, and try thinking things through for a change. He did however do one thing that got my attention..something else that didn't happen in my lifetime til now. He denounced on TV interview the incidents going on from any side. "It saddens and disappoints me and i'm not sure how much this will help, but if it means anything at all...STOP IT. Stop doing these things!"

Going back through my life..Regan? Carter? Never said such things, though admittedly things weren't the clusterfuck they are now. Clinton? Neither Clinton has ever really cared and have in fact both manipulated the narrative whenever possible to score votes. Bush? 9-11 and beyond the jerkward played the American people over and over again..which really started the trend we see today. His dad too, to a much smaller extent. Then we got Obama..who went and did highly illegal actions, and between him and his wife..the two of them wasted plenty of taxpayer money on vacations..deported a record number of illegals (funny how that one goes unnoticed)...and oh yeah, the race baiting. Good lord he really brought it to a fever pitch, even going so far as to make excuses for people rioting and applauding hate groups like Black Lives Matter (which at this point is basically just the black version of the KKK..with their lovely motto of "Dindu Nuffin" and "What do we want? Dead cops!" ..which...hundreds to thousands caught on Youtube screamin this in the streets isn't a few bad apples, folks. Its a rotten barrel you're making excuses for.)

And even now, with all the nonsense going on...guess what? The guy is still silent. Obama doesn't give a shit and never did. The guy you hate so much actually went so far as to say "Knock it off!" and he directed that all across the board.

When you become what you oppose, there is no justification or excuse for it. You are twice as responsible, because you know why it is wrong and still insisted on doing it anyway. Making more excuses after that fact only proves any naysayers and critics correct in their judgements. They aren't racist, sexist, or're just quite frankly an asshole that never grew up.

Occupy screwed occupy.
Hillary screwed hillary.
And all of your catchphrases and your little personable icons are just another bunch of lies in a world of lies.
You were supposed to be there for the people, but you couldn't even get over yourselves.

I refuse to support any actions that Occupy takes, and by all means, leave the country and see if any other country out there will put up with your bullshit. As for me? I'm glad I left, and my only regret is that I ever wasted a dime or a resource on a bunch of grown children than never frankly deserved the time, effort, or money from any of us. 

I will agree with only one thing, though. You are victims. Yes, yes, indeed you are.
You are victims of your own narcissism, willful ignorance, hypocrisy, and other associated bullshit.
You are a victim...of yourself.

Have a nice life. Don't let the door hit your sorry butts on the way out....and please get the mental help you crazy folks deserve.

Friday, August 30, 2013

Hanging up the Hat: A proper retirement and autopsy.

I've been looking for a proper way to end this forever. Just not, okay. There's enough that needs to be said given a couple of things that have gone on in the last year inside and outside of politics. Apparently, I have some screwjobs warning folks about me. Oh.Gee. Darn. I'm really going to be sad about idiots that spend more time sitting around toking and blaming everyone else for their problems..warning other people that are potentially like them or will spend more time just taking someone else's word for it than getting to know the person. Gee. I'm just so hurt by the possibility of all of that missed drama. Probably not sarcasm. Probably.

So. Its been a year of moving around, having my life in an uproar. Having crap talked about me by crappier people..most of them touting some sort of victim mentality or control issue problem. It seems strange just how many of those seem drawn to political activism, but I digress. Needless to say, i've had a lot of time to sit and listen to some of my former "friends" (and some of them I use this term very, very lightly.) and what they've had to say about me behind my back, or their doings at the end of the clusterfuck that was Occupy Nashville.

Let me say it bluntly: Occupy screwed occupy. They did. They threw away everything they claimed to stand for to become the very thing they claimed to oppose. Ultimately, if they couldn't yell really loud about it, throw a petition at it..or throw votes at it..they really weren't interested in doing much other than ripping each other to shreds. Some folks that way (Dixie,etc) were all about that from the get go, while passionately telling us how it was because they cared so much. Right. They cared so much that they caused any bit of infighting they could find and just looked for an excuse to fight with someone. "We're going to hurt you because we care." Or as the more intelligent people call it: Bullshit with an air of self-justification. This is something one tends to see fairly often from these sorts. Its always old, white men. Its always (insert moniker here). Its always someone else. And of course, you are NEVER the sexist one matter how many statements you make that would have a chauvinist blush if they were the one saying it.

Let's take the whole state commission/investigation. Everything they had to say about us..shoot, it HAPPENED. These were incidents that did happen. Could they have been prevented? Absolutely.
Did we choose to prevent them? No, and worse..anyone that tried to was run out on a rail, constantly harassed, or in general mistreated. The public urination and such..this occurred before the first wave of arrests. It was a group of homeless folks that only wanted to cause trouble. When they didn't get their way, they decided to park themselves right next to the main government building and create mayhem. Our response? Placate them with our supplies. Now, I warned folks this was a problem right then and there."You are creating tribal warfare, and you are giving them tribute..rewarding their bad behavior. So now, all they have to do is create more trouble knowing you'll placate them more."

You would think people would use their heads, listen..fix the problem. Kick out the offenders, and get back to business. Nope..suddenly its you're crazy and we have to be all inclusive..the short translation for..they just didn't want to freaking deal with it and maybe it will go away on its own. Instead, things continued to worsen..many good people left..and this spurred the first wave of arrests. Now, the THP was certainly not blameless..they had their fair share of screwy things from removing parking spaces to dropping off the crazies and gang bangers at our doorstep. However, this was one of those things that was definitely on us. We had the opportunity to fix it..and we flat out refused to do so. We talk about Bradley Manning and whistleblowers, but anytime someone attempted to blow the whistle on the bullshit, they were the enemy..crazy,disruptive...etc. I was the guy they put in front of the media cameras for interviews, and even I got that same treatment. That's generally what happens when you tell a group of adult children what they don't want to hear.

So flash forward to this investigation, and ultimately (surprisingly) it was the only thing they had to throw in our face. Now..we had everything from stolen someone taking donation money and trying to buy drugs with it. Oh, and then the donated goods. Ha. Because of those ever-so-not-wonderful people that were going on and on about "what wasn't nice enough" and how security sounded too harsh and restricted..there were times the homeless folk simply walked in and took most of our stores. However, don't bring that up at a General Assembly because then you're heartless and you should just let other folks walk all over you. Code of Conduct? A piece of paper. The very people touting it were the ones that kept screwing up any attempt on our part to enforce it. Basically, a good chunk of Occupy in our area turned its back on the other half and then continually mucked up everything else. They never stayed, but they always judged, and it was never their fault.

But then again, this was the group that during the first rains was too concerned with whether our wording was appropriate enough and how we should censor ourselves. Little shelter, bare essentials..and they only care about what someone else thinks. Sad, but true.

Then we had all the umbrella groups. They were Occupy when they wanted something, but screw the code of conduct because they weren't occupy and were autonomous. Most of them didn't even know what in the heck they were talking about and it was pretty clear they were just trying to take what they could get...but once again, we can't turn them away, all inclusive!

Oh, and gender. You know, never before would I have thought that some ladies can actually be more sexist than the guys..but the current feminist movement is a sad parody of itself. When you have many of its members making comments that if a male said would be sexist....that's a problem. When you have this happening constantly..that's a big problem. That whole crowd was like a hotbed of neurosis. Then all it would take is someone saying anything and then all of a sudden there was this evil male conspiracy..bla bla bla. No there wasn't. There were incidents but we took care of them. Many of the perpetuators of this line never visited the plaza...and their "sources" were either never there, or came once..stayed briefly, and left because "oh my god, there were males in leadership roles so they are trying to hold the womenfolk down."
The sad part is that intelligent people actually believed and do believe their bullshit. I love how those folks have had the nerve to call me a liar any number of times..but have yet to actually be able to tell me what it is that I lied about, or answer any number of questions i've made numerous times about the lies they have repeatedly told.

Probably the worst part of that grouping though..and this applies to most movements, is the willful inability to hold those sorts of people in check regardless of their affiliation, gender, creed, religion..etc. They know and admit on the sidelines its a problem. But..they refuse to say or do anything about it. I've had that conversation more times than I would ever like to recount. How can you have a movement or tout equality..give power to the people that are the complete opposite of that...and expect anything good to come up with it? Why, why, why in the world are people THIS stupid?

God, and have I heard any number of things. When I was about ready to blow the whistle on this bullshit after it came out in emails we knew all this was going down and just wanted to brush it aside, oh..then I was a problem. When I told people they needed to make plans that were actually thought out, contingencies we weren't wasting our time, resources..personnel, and public opinion..oh, I was being divisive.
When I challenged the feminist groupings for their outrageous, sexist behavior and their harassment of our members..then I was suddenly a misogynist among other things. Forget the fact that I towed one lady's car out of my own pocket on good faith..played the bodyguard role any number of times and broke up any number of disputes..but apparently i'm a sexist pig for telling people they have to cut the crap. Who knew?
Obvious sarcasm is obvious.

Oh, and then I was full of crap and didn't know I was talking spite of being the one giving interviews, regularly over the livestream, and in front of multiple news cameras. For being one of the few that actually knows what i'm talking about. Gee, not like that makes those people look stupid or anything for making such remarks. I don't know..maybe its just me but when you say a person is the go to person for info, then you turn around and say nothing he says is true...usually one would think that makes you look just a wee bit retarded. Again, maybe its just me. I'm told I burned a lot of bridges. Well, you know what? The last year made it pretty obvious to me..maybe some bridges need to be burned, and then the foundations need to be napalmed JUST to be sure.

And now for the most part, some remnants remained but the Occupy movement is dead. Half the time it can't decide whether its shilling for the establishment or touting some cause. Even where it does..oh, wait. Here's a laundry list:

-Trayyon Martin, lets riot. But lets ignore the race murders that happened after the trial and our president trying to get rid of Double Jeopardy, which effects protesters (i.e. them) especially.
-Lets do something towards a grocery chain with *zero* knowledge of its workings or culture, just pretty well guaranteeing you're going to piss them off.
-Lets be REAL GENIUSES and try to make a scene by demanding from hospitals that they make room for illegal immigrants on the list of organ donors..then follow it up by accusing people that ask questions of being racist and heartless. (Even those other donors had been on the list for years, and the very ACT they would be insisting on would be racist and heartless.)
-Most arguments on there again turning to gender and the whole bit of sexism that happens.....from the females. Yep, that same crowd of Matriarchy that still can't get it through their heads that its the same form of bullshit no matter what set of parts you have. (Ultimately, if you look at those that tout it, it really comes down to not that they can't get it and more like they can't get over themselves.)
-A few of the dregs of Occupy Nashville doing the same follower bit and latching onto different groups...still managing to honestly achieve nothing...they were never there to achieve anything in the first place. This is probably something that will be ongoing..that's the nature of such things.

So, with that said..Occupy is RIP and has been for a while.

But let's say you're fed up, you'd like to create a movement. What in the world to do?
1) Study previous movements. In particular what they did right and did wrong.
2) Have a solid core group before you ever start anything.
3)Have set roles and goals. Stick to both of those. This was one of the biggest problems we had, where at one point it was one of our greatest strengths.
4) Listen to your critics, but no drama.
5) Unity. When people enter, they put all parties, genders..religions..etc all of that aside. Anyone that fails in this is warned, then gone. People will get butthurt over it, but this is about changing the world..not placating a bunch of children in grownup bodies that just want to make noise, not change. (Or, you could just repeat our mistake and wind up the same, your call really.)
6) To hell with all inclusive. Some people are just there to create problems. I don't care how great they sound, or look..a problem is a problem and will largely only bring in more of the same. You DO NOT have to have everyone on board. No one is going to agree on everything..but they have to work together. After all the tusling in Occupy they finally came out and said "We will not work with you!" at which point everyone realized "Oh snap, this just got screwed up!"
7) Think with your brain, don't just react. That was largely what we did. We didn't plan actions. We reacted to public opinion. It needs to be clear and constantly so that we're not here because of public opinion..we're here to get things accomplished. You can't do that trying to play off the fickle whims of the people around that thanks to the bought and paid for media are already stacked largely against you to begin with. When we failed to do just made things worse and man, did we ever get called out on it. I honestly can't blame them either..there were valid points made.
8) Listen to your criticism. Yes, there will be the Veronica/Trillians and the Dixies and the sort that are absolutely off their rocker..but there will be people at random with completely valid points. Take them back, discuss them..see how you can use that to enable growth without backing away from your core.
9)Speaking of actions..actually plan both short and long term. If all it entails is to stick it to the man or announce you exist..just stop because you're wasting your time and it WILL backfire horribly. People are your most valuable resource. They should never be wasted and should be regarded with respect. Map things out for safety and any health issues ahead of time. Again, stick to your morals..goals, and focus.
10) Code of Conduct: This one is NO EXCEPTIONS. PERIOD. Make it, stick to it. If people try to block it..its time for those people to go. If people do not hold to it..go with a 3 strikes basis unless it is a serious offense..those are automatic. It would have saved us so much hassle had we actually done this.

To give you some other ways of doing things..
-The disastrous bit with the hospitals: Instead of using the immigrants to act political and garner attention (and that is using them..its disgraceful at that.) about pushing for reforms that allow *all* people in this country to be able to equally get on the donors list, and get the donation they need quickly and effectively?

-The farmers bit with Publix. Dear lord that was a textbook lesson in acting without thinking. They aren't going to listen with those tactics. Its funny..enough people in that group came from positions of money..freakin Vanderbilt students. You're telling me you couldn't get a co-op approved easily? You have the money and the pull, fucking USE it. Its called effective use of every resource on hand. THEN you come back to said company with an alternative..they can either work with you or you edge them out of the market. If you feel the prices are unfair..*create* a market that is fair that the farmers CAN work with, and you will have their business. Its not rocket why are you not thinking?

-Any equality movement at this point should be avoided. Stick with an "equalist" movement and leave the rest to those idiots that keep using it to tout their personal agendas. Too often a movement focuses just on one group...real justice is everyone being on the same level, not everyone else pushed down to match the level of the oppressed party. Real equality is for everyone, just JUST one group and "Well what about the others?" I see more racism and sexism IN these movements than out of them..and that quite frankly is pretty disturbing! FIX it.

That's just a few examples of how things could have been done differently. Now let's move onto how you can't create change..followed by how you can. And, if you think about it and try as hard to do it as you often do to make excuses on why you can' will actually change the world. It will happen. It needs to happen, because otherwise extinction is coming on at us like a top speed bullet train. You can argue with it all you like but the end result is still the same.

SO..what will not work:
-Voting. Did you not pay attention to the last election? One person that should have been allowed to debate was arrested for trying to do so. I may not agree with everything with Ron Paul..but the fact that they changed the rules around him ON THE very disturbing. That is not a government of fair and equal elections..and although the election issue has been raised the last ten years nothing has been done to remotely change or fix that in the slightest.
     Add to that that the same people that lie to you every year are the same people telling you to vote third party is meaningless..from both parties that have willfully sold you out years ago...hmmm..there we go again.
So if you're not going to vote third party..its wasted..if you do vote..its more of the same. And if you do vote third party.....they change the rules AND get away with it. Let that sink in for a moment. This is what you allow.

-Petitions: There is nothing that says they have to listen to your petition let alone do anything on the petition. Its just one more email to delete, send a form letter to you about how important your views are to them, or a piece of paper to throw away. Its just there to give you the illusion that your views matter. They don't matter, and there is no reason for them to matter to the sorts of folks you send them to.
-Yelling and screaming/marching: Honestly, in this day and age..its only good for getting exercise and working on your tone and volume. Que to Occupy Wall Street where the rich were laughing at the protestors
and taking pics with their camera phone while sipping on fine wines before sending their hired goon squads out to arrest the protesters. They simply do not care, and when you get to be too much of an earsore they simply send in the thugs. Getting your people beaten or incarcerated is only worth if it creates a lasting effect..and unless its millions or most of a city..not happening. Even then where it has..where has the lasting change been? The sweeping reform? It hasn't. Ultimately, the beat goes on and the same bullshit continues and worse..things continue to deteriorate.
-Taglines: I hear these A LOT. And they have all become a bit of a joke.
The people united will never be divided? Um, obvious bullshit. We get united and we certainly do not stay that way. Solidarity? Again, implies a unity that isn't there. Its a tagline, a thrown out there statement to appear powerful that ultimately if anything just makes someone roll their eyes and tune you out. Another world is possible? Great, how about trying to envision that world and not tout your personal causes?
We will overcome? Love that one, now how about actually doing it..and starting with yourselves?

Okay, now that what WILL work? Other than what i've stated thus far...try this.
1) A personal pledge.  to no vote for ANY politician or person that does not for the spanse of one year's time..regardless of party or affiliation...take on the average worker's salary, medical plan, and pension plan, as well as any official that has more than one home, or refuses to take a pay cut in times of economic stress. I pledge to do this with every candidate..present and future, and hold to it every year.

2) A world without labels. No parties. This is not a class warfare struggle. This is tribal warfare. At the top you have the Elite. They take everything and offer nothing but empty promises, rhetoric, PR events,
more problems...and of course a bill for "their services." Then you have the rest of us they keep fighting.
This applies to religions too. If you'd spend enough time learning from each other and less time trying to be the one, right way..well guess what? You folks might get somewhere. labels. No parties. That's just a means to divide and conquer..and a house divided CANNOT stand, courtesy of the Founding Fathers.

3)A new way to make a living. Whether you would like to believe it or not, all of these ism..where its something like Anarchy that is good on paper but infeasible with current realistic human mentality..or the usuals..communism, socialism, facism, capitalism..etc,etc,etc..these are all mindless and insane attachments to the main system of what we call "civilization"..which isn't actually civilized at all and is causing us to literally consume ourselves and everything around us regardless of what spectrum we adhere to. We need something different...and we need it like yesterday. Those civilizations that disappeared never disappeared..they walked away from it. A government can defend against any revolution, but it cannot defend against its citizens literally walking away to a better alternative. We are more dependent than we realize, and this has to change.  The movements of the past fought the good fight..but having to make a living were still forced to go back to the same way of live they fought. This is why John Lennon flat out stated "We fought the bureaucracy, and we became the bureaucracy." No movement to date has ever accomplished this point in history, which makes it the most important of the bunch to accomplish.

4) Forget what other people think. No, seriously. You know society is messed up, but in the same breath you tell me you're worried about what society thinks..kind of like asking the drugged up, boozed up, fight happy guy next door the best way to be a pacifist..with about equal results. Normal doesn't even HAVE a definition..and crazy? Its dismissive. Maybe those people aren't crazy. Maybe its their *environment* that's a little sick. Open your mind, see the forest for the trees..broaden your horizons and your perspectives and stop being a sheep with just a different color of wool. (and by color here I mean avenue of pursuit, cause,etc.)

5)Express creativity. The world we live in is a sideshow of pretty faces on tv screens with little to no substance. Movies, music..etc. We claim to care about life, but we hold up the standard of death and literally worship it in most things we do..even religion we worry more about dying and less about living the life we possess. This also needs to change. As a species, humanity does not do well with stagnation..and our world especially creatively down to the core components of art and music is very stagnant. This is, in actuality..something of a health indicator of the species as a whole..and it stresses that we are very close to doing ourselves in. So how do we fix that? We match it with a vibration of creativity. Hollywood won't produce your stuff? Produce it yourself and Youtube it. Create the next Youtube. Like a particular style of music? Teach it..hell..bring it back, even! There is nothing wrong with seeing more of the style of the classics that absolutely rocked our world. Just because a current style is trendy doesn't mean its the only style that can exist..and no style is ever truly retired.An old song to a new soul can still inspire and make em dance just as much as it did whenever it was first put to paper and instrument.

Want a step in the right direction? Final Fantasy Realm Reborn. The OST track "Answers". Beautiful piece and much more profound than one would expect from a game. Look up the lyrics if you think i'm kidding.

OKAY! So, with that I bid you adieu. It was an interesting ride. Most of the people from Occupy that I knew I cut ties with..and frankly do not miss. While I could have done some things differently, it was a real eye opener to the biggest problem we face: The people themselves. Sure, the governments are bad..but WE are what allows it. The only time people will care or change is if they have a reason to..we have never given our government a reason to do so. We just keep doing what will not work..and we know it will not work.
This is my last outcry for sanity in the public eye, at least for sometime..and I will be going back to more one on one stuff, helping whom I can around me. I wish you all the best of the crazies..well, I wish you finally get enough of a life that you stop fixating on one scruffy nerf herder in a battered fedora...and to all and to all...a good night. If I should ever again pop up in the public will either be because I was dragged into it kicking and screaming...or because i've found those five main things i've just mentioned and i'm ready to get this crap moving and show you folks how its done. Probably a little of both, knowing me.

This is the fedoraman, always searching, always finding..and signing out. Best wishes, and adieu. :)

Sunday, June 10, 2012

An Open Letter to the OccuDrama group.

This applies to just about everyone there that is participating in the conversation, and can be appropriately entitled "Why this is all one big waste of time, and why you are all being stupid."

Granted, no one ever likes to hear that, but none of these folks likes to hear the hard truth either.

(Note: There are some people that I know in the conversations that I still have quite a bit of respect for and I know want to see resolution. But see the writing on the wall, you're seriously wasting your time.)

I was invited to the group. I didn't ask to join or even really want to join, but since I'm in there, might as well see this change that was supposedly going to go on that Sarit told me about, in light of a disastrous GA that if anything only showcased *exactly* everything I have talked about thus far. Look at the beginning of the vid, and Dorsey, Darlene, Will, and Norma are all hanging out having a pow wow.
Later, Darlene does her usual thing of a batshit crazy outburst...and of course Norma and Dorsey back her up. Will proceeds to back them up. The whole group that congregated at the beginning of the GA is in on the action! *gasp* Even though it is agreed that this behavior is outrageous by any standard..

..cut to OccuDrama's page, and Rose, another hardcore groupie of the fringe feminist Norma sect, is talking about how Norma told nothing but truth, and how Darlene was epic. Cue to Michael stepping in to play "lets kiss the ass of the ignorant to appease." Looking further on this page, this happens frequently.

In fact, they are still touting how Eva is so scared to come on a Plaza that is largely deserted, and how ladies are so afraid to come here because of incidents that happened. Only...those incidents *never* *happened*. Norma, Dorsey, and Darlene are largely the ones that keep touting this lie..even though they never spent any time there longer than an hour, two being a record. They never stayed overnight. EVER. And Norma's claims have been proven a lie time and time again..considering that these events that she says she personally witnessed happened around the time she never even came to the Plaza. Oh, and Norma heads Women Occupy Nashville. Want to guess who is also a member?
Right. Darlene, Dorsey,Eva...oh, and lets not forget the ever psychotic Trillian Dent, otherwise known as Cynthia Green, who I am already talked about in great detail in previous blogs. (Also known as Victoria, because she has to have a lot of aliases when she is trying to wreck the lives of others for her own sick amusement. What a coward.)

So then, how did she personally witness these things? She didn't, because she wasn't there. It was a lie, one that has been perpetuated by their confused little groupies ever since. But, if you said they were were delusional, a liar, or a woman that screwed a guy there so you were automatically covering for them because of that. This is a lie that has been told and re-told and re-shot down CONSTANTLY.....and yet the people that perpetuating it are never called into account for their actions. They use feminism as a tool to dominate and harass others, and upon honest dissection, their words are as empty as their heads, hearts, and souls.

I've asked Norma a number of times here to answer a few simple questions.
I know she reads this blog, but she has yet to grow the stones to do so. That might be why the reporter she talked to about Wolfy felt that she was batshit insane, as most people with a working brain seem to. For an added bonus, look up cult mentality and see how many traits apply to Norma and her followers. Interesting, huh?

But I digress. 6 months later and your little group is doing everything I told you it would. You are eating yourselves ALIVE and making fools out of yourselves. You just can't get it together. I mean, really? OccuDrama is a page that is going to stop drama? That's kind of the point where you need to make sure you are thinking lucid here..because that is the stupidest thing anyone has ever suggested. You're going to bring people in that cause drama...have them wage war openly..and somehow that is NOT going to make things worse.
Oh, and let's take the issue of Jason doxing people. Yes, he got his just desserts. Its been coming a LONG time. However..why is he the only one? Kick out Darlene, Dorsey, Rose..Norma..hell, most people can EASILY agree that Norma is a problem, but god forbid someone shun her. Michael is practically tripping over himself to play the kiss ass to Rose, because she might be offended. FUCK THAT. You're a big boy now, Michael. Grow a set, take the dog collar off, and use those words you are so good with to do more than just talk.

I have yet to see how this is going to make any real difference. Looking at the Restorative Justice document, while some things were decided..the loose translation is "this shit is so fucked up we wouldn't know where to start.." ..and it didn't really get anywhere. So I don't know why Rose is touting it, other than to back up Dorsey. Just like she did when Dorsey was claiming we all hacked her accounts..and Rose threatened legal action, which parties involved may remember I put a pretty quick stop to because I was all too ready to file a counter-suit. Maybe you idiots want to make this one big party of who can kiss each other's asses..but I came there to get stuff done. Fuck this "buddy buddy' bullshit.

Oh, and this is the same Rose that told me via Facebook message that I made a direct action against her personally by sitting in the corner, playing a Facebook game to chill out, talking to my girlfriend and drinking a glass of water. UNLESS that water somehow contained microbes that were destined to evolve into the species of life that would know just how to make us all stop being royal assholes (I doubt that is going to happen anytime soon, you all have proved as much.).....most sane people would agree that is the sign of a complete loony.

But, suddenly Rose is a respectable, trustworthy person. I don't care that you talked to Reason about his vandalizing a tent. It was still wrong, and you still turned a blind eye because you were playing the buddy game..which is bullshit. If you hold one accountable, do it to everyone or shut the fuck up. PERIOD.

On the note of accountability
, it is interesting to note how Eva is AGAIN playing the victim. She does something, gets called on it, then she pitches a fit, whines..and is the victim all over again. Then she attacks whomever is calling her on her crap, then she tries to play the fake hippie act, then she gets nasty again. Rinse, lather, repeat. Classic Eva..just a whole lot of empty noise. However, it is just an act.
I mean, this is a lady that has repeatedly been against Code of Conduct, stole a laptop and printer (that as far as i'm aware never got returned..) ..and routinely harassed and was sexist to males on the plaza.
How anyone takes her seriously is anyone's guess.

It would be interesting to note that while Eva and Jason have gone off on each other numerous times in front of any form of media, they have often been seen afterwards chilling at Cafe Coco, at Caeasars, and so on..along with Will and the rest of Jeremiah's little following. Just like politicians, they fight in front of you, but behind the scenes..its all an act. Meanwhile, their drama keeps YOU from doing anything, anything at all. I don't expect Dixie will be covering this anytime soon, since she seems to find it difficult to get her head out of her own ass to see the light of day, first. They keep you distracted...and face it, not many of you really care as much as you say you do anyway. Together, you create the greatest sideshow on Earth. Jerry Springer would be proud. He has to pay his folks for that! Each side plays up and toys with a different end. Will plays both sides down the middle, while acting impartial. Eva is the loud vegan feminist that smokes cigarettes while telling you that eating meat is putting poison in your body. (But she is touted as a woman of Occupy, largely by.....? Oh, yeah, the same damn group of fringe feminists.) Tristan wrote an entire article to back up Eva..while not bothering to actually interview anyone else. (Kind of biased much? Right. The injury to one was more with the viewing public.)

And yet, when the curtain closes, they all hang out around the same person. Jeremiah, whom when the legislators came down to listen to us..couldn't get over himself long enough to tout his fake anti-capitalistic rhetoric, alongside Dillon..who FLAT OUT threatened me over facebook. However, this was let slide. Meanwhile, you all claim to care about keeping the peace and dealing with issues. However, this is a lie. Its bullshit. You're just tired of hearing about it, so you feel if you go through the motions, that it will be enough to go away on its own. It will NOT go away on its own, and I have little faith ANY of you there will actually accomplish that. You can't. You're too busy trying to be the nice person in the kindergarden class that makes everyone play nice and get along. This is the real world, and it doesn't work like that. Not that anyone can tell you while you continue to act like insepid little children that never grew up. Fuck, you trashed anyone that dared bring a problem up..and referred to *them* as the threats!

6 months later, and by Michael's admission, not only are things not getting better, they are getting worse. TAKE A BOW...because it is on YOUR heads. It is your fault. Just when things were starting to go well, just when it was so close we could taste threw it all away. You attacked your supporters and you backed up the real liars, bullies, and psychopaths. YOU DID THAT. Now where is your support? Where is your following? Oh, right. It isn't there. The only time ANYTHING is going to change for any of you assholes is when you kick out the fringe feminists, and the psychopaths, and actually get your shit together. Rhetoric and a party line doesn't count. ACTUALLY have your shit together and know what you are dealing with. I'm not going to buy into any bullshit and neither will the public at large. You dug your own grave, now you have to climb out of it, or let yourself continue to be buried. Its on your heads, not mine.

That is why this OccuDrama is just another lesson in failure. That is why you are just wasting your time. It isn't being done to fix anything. It is being done so you can say you're doing something, but really just talk about it more while things continue to escalate. How did that work out for the politicians, again? Riiiight.

Now, let me backtrack a moment, as Jason recently added me to his friends list. Or tried to. I will repost what I told him *exactly*, as it applies here. Do not think I forgot that he started up a whole bunch of shit with me, and that he tried to pass ME off as the one spreading the rumors and the lies when it was HIM doing it. Do not think I forgot that rather than talk to me about it, you all just took and ran with it like a good little mob that has no ability to think for itself whatsoever. Even the more intelligent of you just looked the other way. I have a goooood, long memory. I also remember all the crap posted about me over facebook, the messages from Jeremiah's little wackjob grouping..all of that.

But here's the message:

I mean, DUH, everyone knows these people are nuts. I've said it. IN DETAIL. It was just ignored, swept under the now that this is boiling down..normally..i'd have a lot to say about it. Right now? I am eating popcorn and laughing my ass off. All the *entire* lot of you have done..thus prove me right. On every..single..count. FUCK, me, a threat? HA.

Listen up. When you guys kept saying how I was crazy and full of it, you kind of forgot *I* was the guy you had very often talking to the news media, and to the public at "the guy that knows his shit." So when you about kind of screwed yourself there..basically saying that was full of it too. Good job on that, by the way. I was never a threat. Ever. You're the crazy were supposed to show the world what we were capable of...and frankly, the animals have done a better job of being civilized.

So now, i'm watching you eat each other alive, as has only been predicted a whopping 6 months ago...and I am just laughing and laughing and laughing...because the biggest threat to Occupy is what you call Occupy Nashville, which has no right to call itself thus.

Also, just because someone adds me to their friends doesn't mean i'll accept. Its real easy to play nice when you're looking for allies or support, but I remember who does and did what when the odds were down, and everything was looking in your favor. Sorry, fool me once and once only.

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Oh, hello there.

Long sigh time.

You know, after the last time, I really, *really* thought it was the last post. Told myself it was the last pos, and hoped and prayed that there really wasn't anything left for me to post about.

Sometimes, however, things just don't work out the way you want them to.

So, for those of you not in the know..Occupy Nashville is kind of there, but mostly not. They had a rally on May, but it really wasn't much of much. Jason is still more or less an asshole, and Dixie and Trillian are still basically a bunch of full of shit attention whores that seem to enjoy making others miserable. Jeremiah is still little more than an idiot, catering to people only a little more stupid than he is and desperate enough to hang on his every word. The goods Eva stole, as far as I know, were still never returned..and those remaining in OCN still basically bury their head in the sand towards most of it. The few that have -not- left, which isn't much.

Occupy Vanderbilt came and went, with a bit of fanfare here and there. Some members of OCN tried to attach themselves to it..didn't really work out like they expected, I think. I was invited, but really..i'm pretty worn on the whole Occupy thing in general after all of this.

I've been asked to come back on a few occasions, but a few people. My response is basically the same, although usually the level of anger from myself to the person doing the inviting kind of depends. Please, don't tell me certain problem people are no longer there..when I can see the releases and who is writing them..and when I can watch the Youtubed G.A.s and see that yes, in fact, they are still there, and just as dumb as ever. It isn't difficult to check up on, and insulting my intelligence is just going to piss me off and greatly increase the chances of me telling you some form of "go to hell" that is more or less progressively worse than what the last person that tried pulling that crap had to hear. (My patience gets shorter every time. Go figure.)

I have also weeded a number of people off of my friend's list..either because of certain behaviors, or because of spying, or harassment, or in general because these folks never really talk much and clogged my Facebook full of superficial crap. I don't care about Jersey Shore, and I don't care about Whitney Houston dying (on par with the people that didn't give a rats while she was alive and SUDDENLY care now. Screw that.)..and on, and on, and on. Click. Bye. Want to bring drama to my doorstep?
I *don't* have time for it. I have time for people that matter, that want to actually help the world (and not just market themselves as a savior of sorts..I have had it up to here with that.), and that hey, actually talk from time to time, and not just when they need or want something, or only if I have cash in my pocket.

For starters, here. Right freaking here:

This sums up alot about Norma and Cynthia (MahDear or Dixie, and Trillian Dent respectively.) and the whole fringe feminist group. Looking at the WSMV site recently, now they have upped it a notch to suddenly you are either a pedophile, a pedophile supporter..or the usual delusional or crazy. You know, you would think that at some point they would add up in their heads that the only people that fall into these categories always seem to be the ones that question them...hmm. This mentioned blog is by a *woman*, mind you..and Dixie has never been able to say much about it..mainly because Chris was on the Plaza, wheras the ever-so-antisocial Dixie was rarely on the Plaza and when she was, it was very briefly. I would say Chris knows what she's talking about. Plus, Chris has never been the sort to really mince words..if and when she says something, she isn't going to hold back. Period.

Meanwhile, alot of *other* stuff went on that went largely unreported, if not totally unreported. Loss of donated funds, drug issues, fights, all kinds of stuff.....but strangely this was all completely ignored. The bit with Jeremiah was ignored, which I thought for sure Dixie would run with since Jason Steen is connected to the guy and had him living with him for a time. Then, Eva with the theft, also running with Jason..also running with Jeremiah. I mean, go figure, right? This particular group with all these connections to the crazy stuff going on....

...yet, Dixie remains silent on the matter. How odd, no? She chooses to ignore greater issues, to focus completely on anyone that was with the Livestream and the Tech teams. Judging from the WSMV chats, they are up to the same old tricks of using multiple accounts to like each other's posts..and group dislike whomever disagrees. This is a usual behavior of theirs...and sad to say, they are largely predictable because they do the same thing..over and over and over and over again like a broken record.

Ah, yes, WSMV. Evil Unveiled, targeting Wolfy..for what.. *thinks to self for a moment* about..4 months now? They've been posting links to his 'page' across the Nashville Scene and Channel 5, sometimes using the names or a slight variant of such to spew this crap across the internet. Then we have Dixie on her page with her gloating remark of how his nightmare is just beginning.

See, I told Occupy Nashville all of this crap was going to happen. Granted, they didn't listen, because they were too busy screwing each other over or fawning for the sake of their own collective greed and egos....and hey, it will just go away on its own. Ah, didn't happen, did it? Hell, they couldn't even accuse the guy to his face..they had to WAIT until after he left for Oklahoma City to get his life on track before...oh, trying to destroy his life with accusations. So far the only person to say he was in on it that I have seen was Jason Steen..and I wouldn't trust that guy to tell me the time of day. (Wolfy has even said he's never had certain conversations with Jason...and Jason does make crap up, and he does lie. Usually if a rumor is started, he's the one passing it around. And if you ever give that guy information, he is going to tell it...and skewered at that. You just can't trust him.)

So, here they are again, as Dixie puts it, the "Thelma and Louise" pair of Norma and Cynthia. Two demented attention whores with anti-male and dominance issues that never grew up. (Although, the only bit of credit I -will- give Dixie is regarding Jason, whom committed Fraud by telling people he needed donations for bail money, or for livestreaming..and was not there for the arrests nor livestreamed after.)...and of course, they are spouting BS all over again.

It is amazing that four months of this nonsense later, Occupy Nashville still buries its head in the sand. Tell me how you can change anything when you can't even deal with something like this. Not to say Wolfy is guilty OR innocent. What I *am* saying is this crap continues because it was allowed and this behavior of harassment was allowed and accepted by members of Occupy Nashville, which is why it has gotten this far out of hand. This is a matter for an actual investigation but actual investigators. NOT a lynch mob by a group of crazed morons.

Seriously, all of the problems that befell Occupy Nashville could have been fixed by just holding to the rules we had set, and actually dealing with problems, not burying our heads in the sand and trying to see what we could take donation money for this week. Realistically, that is about as true as it gets. It was independent factions only claiming to be with Occupy long enough to get our resources, and screw everyone else as long as they looked good. Welcome to what is sometimes the harsh reality of politics.

What is also amazing is that four months later, despite all of this evidence and so on, nothing was turned over to the authorities. And while they tout involvement in 50 cases/ many of those led to a conviction? Oh, better still, how many of those likely got thrown out of court because of the retarded "investigations" done by the members of Evil Unveiled? Sorry kids, but simply declaring that your methods are 100% perfect and foolproof isn't enough to actually hold up in court. You need a little bit more than that...although I know you get your sick kicks off of ruining the lives of others, so you could care less about little things like "truth" and "evidence".

But lets say, to play devil's advocate here for a second, that the people in question are guilty. Because the courts do not just accept evidence on the fly...and that requires an official investigation..which those from the site cannot be participating in. (On the grounds of bias and possible tampering or falsification, intentional or not. Yes, it can be ruled as such!)....the case will likely get thrown out. As you cannot get charged for the same crime twice, the people of this site have more or less guaranteed the person walks free unless they do something absolutely heinous in nature. is Evil Unveiled helping again?

Basically, it isn't. It is mob mentality. If the people haven't been tried, it is putting out an accusation which could follow them *for* *life*, even if they are declared innocent. That is the gravity of these kinds of accusations..something for which the administrator/s of Evil Unveiled are entirely unapologetic. "Oops, sorry we fucked up your life. Hope everything turns out okay in the end" is a pretty sorry excuse for screwing up someone's entire life just because you "had a really good hunch and some chat logs". Oh, and chat logs. From Anon Ops. Where you can make all sorts of usernames, right?

Oh, and on the Evil Unveiled site where it says "looks like we have another.." ..the nickname used? Ironically enough, that is one of Trillian/Cynthia's nicknames! The very person that is touting the site so much. Pretty weird, wouldn't you say? Right.

But back to the delusional Dixie, and how everyone speaking against her is attacking her. "The attack dogs are out!" Funny, aside from myself posting I only saw one person that wasn't one of her groupie squad. But hey, one person means everyone's out to get you, right? Again, its strange how that always winds up being the case and her and Trillian are always the victims. Wah, wah, wah. Poor freaking baby. I also love how she had an interview with the site administrator over a topic she was already biased about in the first place.

So what is the beef of these two anyway, right? Simple. In the Occupy Nashville chats, myself and several other moderators told them they had to stop trying to pick and provoke fights, stop trying to pit people against each other (especially the mods)..and respect the rules of the chatroom. Since we told the grown-up children that they have to play nice and behave, and happen to be male, to boot...well, long story short they have been pulling this kiddie tantrum bullshit ever since.

You can just look at Norma's blog, or their posts on the Occupy nashville forums. It is always centered around people in or connected to the Livestream and Tech teams. Even this last post was no different, mentioning Overkill, a former OCN admin of the forum *and* member of the tech team. It is always the same crap with these two, and its the same targets. They just can't let go that someone told them they have to behave themselves and stop being children. This is what I mean by "dominance issues." They have to be in control, and only their rules matter. If they don't get their little way, they aren't in control..and they have to try and make you pay for it. No better than a tantruming child.

Likewise, the ladies that keep eating out of their trough, guess what? That doesn't say much about you guys either. If you would willingly degrade yourselves to mindlessly and without question follow their lead like a bunch of dumb sheep, then guys are the *least* of your worries. While there are, to be fair, assholes in the male gender by the aren't making the ladies look any better by imitating those guys. Quit taking your issues out on us, re-learn how to think for yourselves, and stop the replaying the cycle already. (And you are. Justify it however you wish, but it doesn't change the fact that you are just as bad as the guys and just as sexist.)

Now, I'd love to say that hopefully I'm done ranting,and this is finally it. It probably isn't. Trillian or Dixie or both of them will probably start up some crap, or Jeremiah will be unable to contain himself in between stalking whatever posts of mine he can with his see-through bullshit, or Jason will be Jason and continue to stalk and (very lamely) meme, with a Dungeons and Dragons or virginity reference or something equally retarded. Eitherway it will be something regarding myself, and i'll probably post about it. Or not. We will see.

In the meantime, as a former Occupier, I am dealing with and more devoted to, life and the people worth being around. I've learned alot of hard lessons, especially about politics and its opened my eyes to much. I have my own plans. I will carry them out, and while the wackjobs will try to cling to it, or degrade they can't get past themselves and their insecure little egos..what they say and do largely isn't going to amount to much, nowhere near anything at all compared to what my endeavors will accomplish.

See you next time, Space Cowboy..

Friday, March 16, 2012

Why am I still blogging?

Okay, so sooner or later, someone's going to ask this, if they haven't already.

"Phil, why are you still blogging about this?"

I mean..I left Occupy. I'm not longer encamped, and the encampment itself is pretty well shut down. The movement doesn't look like its going anywhere either.

So, then why am I still blogging about it?

Well, someone has to offer a counter-point to the Raging Stupid that has been swirling around..and someone has to tell it as it is. That's not exactly going to make me a ton of friends, and will probably cut off a few if it hasn't already. what? That and when certain things pop up that I feel very personally about..especially folks being self-righteous, being con artists...and hiding behind labels and causes simply to perpetuate their own brand of self-idealized bullshit (which is always the one, true way..unless you're the enemy of course.).......I just can't stay silent about it.

People stay WAY too silent about things. When the government started to go crap end up, people were silent. They ignored it. They said it would go away, or it would sort itself out. It didn't. Enough people got pissed off about it not just here..but all over the world..that the Occupy movement sprang up to give a visible indicator of our discontent. We recognized that things had been allowed to go on long enough and we decided to get up, do something about things..and figure out the rest along the way.

A few months in and we never bothered to figure anything out. It became more about the individual causes people wanted to pursue..with little actual unity. It was all in how the media would portray it and how good they would look for the camera..and what the history books might think. The original concept of doing something bigger than ourselves was left by the wayside. When our occupiers were braving the elements..those from the outside visiting the GAs and largely deciding policy seemed to figure that arguing about language and how things sounded was greatly more important than whether or not we would catch pneumonia, have enough to eat..or not freeze during the winter.

And lets not even get into that joke of what they called feminism but was anything but. Its been covered enough already. Chris wrote an AWESOME blog that talks about it in detail, from a woman's point of view. *Unlike* Dixie, Chris (a lady, not a guy, by the way.) has actually been on the Plaza for quite some time and was part of the security/good vibes team more than one occasion. So..she would kind of know what she's talking about. You won't hear it from Dorsey...because Dorsey never spent a night on the plaza, and seldom spent more than an hour on it aside from the GAs. Same with Eli. Mostly the same with Eva..since she was in and out and when she WAS in no one wanted to put up with her self-serving ways. (Most folks stop being about 4 years old right around their 5th year. F'sure.)
Dar? Off and on the plaza. Honestly, I'm still kinda torn about Darlene..she has her good moments..and then she has those moments where you're like "WTF?!" and holy hell, back off before she goes nuts.
I *want* to believe better about these folks..but they never seem to help their own case.

The point? They're the ones that largely are saying that there's this huge problem on the Plaza with female abuse and harassment...and there's no way *any* of them would really know it. Are they psychic? Do they have hidden cams picking this up some how? (Which..I doubt because it would get out sooner or later. Keep in mind the way they pat themselves on the back the moment they think they have something. They just can't contain themselves to keep something secret and off to the side.)

Which is another reason for blogging this, since they want to throw my blog link all over the place. I want people referred here to understand that there are some folks that are seriously screwed up in the head, that claim to be one thing..but really, its all about them...and its all about another war, another fight..and how good they can make themselves look in the process.

People...its like this. THINK FOR YOUR DAMN SELVES. Use your brain. Think rationally. Don't just stop questioning because you know the person, or think they are a good person, or they paint themself to be the next big super crusader of (insert cause here.)...that's how people get used, played, and eventually cast aside. That is how this crap continues over and over again, be it in a movement or in a government. DO NOT turn a blind eye to things. DO NOT bury your head in the sand and assume it will just go away. Don't just take someone's word for it. Do not just agree. Do not just disagree. Have an actual reason behind your words and your feelings. Don't be a follower. We have too many of those already, and the jury is out as to whether or not they've already screwed things up for the rest of us past the point of no return. Hopefully, that isn't the case..but we don't need more adding to it.

Problems DO NOT fix themselves. NO ONE is going to fix your problems for you. You have to get off your ass, take responsibility..and get it done yourselves. THEN, as real leaders, move together and sweep the world off its hinges..and make itself something cool. Don't just be silent because someone may not like something you say. Who cares? You can't change the world by sticking your head in the sand, that just puts you one step closer to under the ground.

I don't know how many more of these blogs i'll end up writing. I had hoped to stop looong, long ago. I know that I'll have different blog for spirituality, and likely for creative projects as well. I *had* been hoping that this one would have largely been more positive than it turned out to be...but at the very least, someone else can learn from the mistakes that we made and the bullshit that we allowed, so maybe they'll have an easier time. Who knows. In the end, though, someone SHOULD chronicle things that was actually there...which, I was. I was there. I saw it, I have a great memory..and i'm sure about now more than one person was wishing I didn't. I'm pretty sure more than one person either is, or should be ashamed of themselves..but that's on them, no real concern to myself.

So, onward we go. Now ya know.

Dear "Norma Jones/Bates"

Okay. So Dixie's at it again. You know, it never ceases to amaze me how stupid she can be. F'real, as she would say.

Lets start with the obvious..Dixie and "truth" in the same sentence is like Rush Limbaugh and intelligence in the same sentence. It just doesn't apply, and should probably be regarded as little more than a joke. And am I the only one noticing that its only when someone disagrees with Norma/Dixie that suddenly they are always branded delusional, a liar, both, etc etc etc. Everytime.  (Which is a bit ironic considered that she has a bad habit of accusing everyone else of doing exactly that.)

Oh, but what is this? She's never been a part of the operations of Occupy Nashville, however, she runs a Women Occupy Nashville area despite never being ON the plaza...claiming in one instance to have seen multiple accounts of things going on that.. *shock* ...just never happened. Maybe she can suddenly see from miles and miles away from within her home, without even looking at the Plaza aside from a nightly livestream within a tent. Hmm..because THAT is an accurate representation, i'm sure....

OH, and isn't this rich. People depended on HER say so? Then you're right Dixie, you ARE lucky you aren't still on the board..because you'd probably be fired, locked up yourself..and likely have a slew of cases coming back your way as your ability to tell the truth, much less find one big steaming load of crap.(I think its time to re-open some cases..) OH, and not to mention your little bit about smoking a bowl..remember that? Yeah, you never make mention of that. Whatever's going on with Matt..I find it funny that someone is bent out of shape over a past of dealing or doing drugs..when that person themself is currently on drugs. (And let me say, I am not at all surprised by that, as it would explain just why in the hell you are as full of it as you are. You would HAVE to be on something to be that screwed up..)

To explain that one, good ol (Yeah, totally being sarcastic here) Norma was going on a road trip with a fellow at one point, and wanted to stop to "go smoke a bowl." Huh. So..wait. We have a drug user, recreational or otherwise........condemning someone for a past of drugs that currently she is herself presently involved in? Gee, and f'sure..THAT isn't being totally a hypocrite.

Oh, and the head games. "WON", really? Don't you think that's just a tad arrogant, even for you? Just a thought there. Oh, and calling Matt "Little Matty" one would refer to a little child. However, we would be thinking lightly of females and showing misogyny to call her "Lil Normy"..i'm sure. Its perfectly okay for her to smear anyone under the sun, or say things about other folks...just don't do it to her, because *then* it is suddenly offensive and you are suddenly supporting the cause of abuse towards women in some regard. Keep in mind, this is the same lady who is bragging how her say-so decided the fates of who knows HOW many lives. And keep in mind that this lady knows how to manipulate others, and play head games with others. She's worked with people enough that its easy.

Calling her a feminist is a sick joke. Actually, she herself is a sick joke, and I will be highly thankful when that last bit of senility kicks in and her final days comprise of raging at the local old folks home about how the orderlies are against her because of her gender and that the plants and trees are somehow in on it too...given what i've had to stomach so far..i'm sure those days aren't too terribly far off.

But oh, she won't talk about that. She also will not talk about why she exclusively harps on certain people...mainly from the Livestream....and yet ignores *everyone* else....even when there is a bigger story afoot. Heck, there are people in ON that Jason has been connected with that are *super* shady to say the would *think* she would be all over that......but strangely enough, she's silent. Instead, she chooses to go after exclusively anyone that disagrees with her...demonizing them and twisting things around to suit whatever agenda it is that she has. Hell, I don't know what it is. You would think someone of half a brain like hers could see the forest for the trees and understand that she's been royally played...but I doubt that's going to get figured out anytime soon.

Let's put it bluntly. "Dixie" is not a feminist, and in reality doesn't seem to give a damn about anyone else other than herself..and how good she can make herself look. You heard that right. Its all about beating her chest and proclaiming how she is such a staunch defender of feminism...yet...looking at the myriad of blogs of hers...its funny..this is more or less the first it comes up. There's a wide variety of political blogs..but that's largely about it. So...staunch Not much attached with her name either. In other words, that is a lie.

No, the reality is that this is a grown woman with severe insecurity issues, whom takes it out on others in such a way that she is the "mighty champion" and whomever is the "evil demon" that she is tirelessly working to call out to ensure...whatever. And the additional reality is that this is largely bullshit. While there are some points I do agree with, most of what she writes is backwards and slanted. Severely distorted. Oh, and then she has to spread it all over the place, again...thumping her chest to assure her correctness and dominance over whatever she claims to be oppressing her this week.

Keep this in mind. The largest portion of issues with Dixie *always* occurred whenever someone told her that she was wrong, or she had to follow rules that had been repeatedly listed. When she was warned about this, she was suddenly being censored. When that didn't hold was that the evil males were all out to squash a feminist voice. And on and on and on. Read between the lines, and its not hard to see Dixie for what she is. She's petty, arrogant, vindictive...callous..and the only real concern she has is with and for herself. That's it.

As has been listed in another blog, this is but one of a few folks that hide behind feminism, but in reality are not truly feminists. They don't give a damn about equality..they just want to be the ones on top. They have to be the dominant ones. That is basically all there is to it. The same lady that will break down in tears because a guy says something that she doesn't agree with..and suddenly the man is against females and so on.....will go on to make comments like "Well, what about the mens?" Worse, some of them act like it is impossible for males to be themselves discriminated against..even though this is a very publicly made problem..and there have been reverse discrimination cases on court dockets, no less! Ah, but misandry doesn't exist.....we just don't understand.

They'll slam you left and right for disagreeing them, but they won't tell the public, many times you walked folks to their car because they didn't feel safe. Or how many times you backed up their respective voice when some drunken moron or *actual* chauvanistic idiot was being ridiculous. Or when people did get harassed and you stepped up to the plate while others were looking the other way...nope, that doesn't get mentioned either. You disagreed with their almighty opinion, and in their little mind that challenges their personal now you *have* to be the bad guy. Suddenly, you're a misogynist, you support women's abuse..or god knows what else. Oh, don't give me that face..of course you do and of course you are. You just don't understand it, much like a child doesn't understand things they are ignorant about. But it's okay. We'll smear you, harass you, and teach you the error of your ways so you know better next time that we're always right, and you're always wrong. We can never be wrong, because we just know better. When you complain, we'll just tell you there's no way you could understand..because you're a male. (Even though that is a bunch of bullshit. People can understand others..they simply have to *want* to..and you folks don't. You just want a war.)

Gee, but that isn't Sexism. How DARE you make such a remark? OH MY GOD, you dared to question us again. That's the problem with you heathen brute males! Always trying to assert your authority by questioning ours! Bah, well...we'll teach you! We'll BLOG about it, and we'll form groups..and we'll twist every word you say 1000-fold until you understand your betters. Maybe you'll have enough respect for the feminist cause then, learn your lesson, and know your place. Its not a mans world anymore! We're oppressed! By asking questions and challenging our're contributing to that just don't understand because you're a male. And since you will never understand, we will have to repeatedly tell you that you don't understand, mock you, demonize you..and bully you every chance we get...and do everything in our power to ensure that your voice is silenced.

Its for your own good, though, because as a male you just don't understand. And we're doing this so you will understand..but you can't understand..because you're a male. What? Did you just call me sexist again? Did you point out the glaring logic error behind my statements? UGH, men. They're always trying to keep women down. If more women were in control of things, this just wouldn't happen. There he goes again, with the questioning our authority. We'll just have to make him understand. Its not entirely his fault..although he is a POS just the same, because as a male..he just doesn't understand. Maybe once women get a bit more of a grip on him, we might be able to eventually train him in the proper path.

(The saddest part of this is that much of that, though deliberately worded so you can see things from our perspective for a actually from *exact* *statements* made by certain members of O.N. that claim to be feminists. Oh, but Misandry doesn't exist..and you'd have to be stupid to believe that....geeze. Going to need the thick wading boots today.)

So, they treat you like a child, while acting like a first rate horse's ass..and then they have the nerve to call that Feminism..which is actually about *equality*..not just "Oh, the men did we have to make them pay!" ...which is largely what I tend to hear from that particular lot, just in different regards. I am relieved to see that not all feminists are like this..but shit, you guys really need to get off your backsides and reign in these crazy folks..they are not giving you a good name. I shouldn't have to wade through a seal of crap to get to those of you that are diamonds, but I DO appreciate that there are some good people in the bunch..quite a bit.

Oh, and Dixie? F'sure, you may be a grown woman, but even older than I're little more than a ridiculous child. Pick up a pen again when you actually develop a soul. In the meantime, I see you for what you are...completely full of it. Upon even minor analysis by folks that aren't your little circle of circle-jerking groupies..the arrogance and the stupidity you emit like a beacon the size of the Empire State Building is pretty plainly obvious. So....the next time you want to go off telling folks what a POS they are...try this. Look in the mirror and deal with the POS that's staring right back at you.

OH, and I got a laugh out of how you and Trillan made a crack at myself about my mother on an occasion, even though she wasn't a part of that conversation....and the only person that would have told you on a closed board was...? Eva. Hmm..the same Eva with Jeremiah? The same Eva that stole equipment from the Plaza and has repeatedly refused to give it back (so that the NPJC is last I heard seeking legal action to recover it, as it is theirs.) The same Eva that Tristan is friends with..and posted a Injury to One/None making her appear to be the victim after she got in the face of and harassed a person? (Who tried to make peace with her later and she was further rude too...ALSO unreported.)
The same Eva that got hostile towards a known violent offender..which could have caused harm to everyone ON the plaza? (You know, the folks you claim to care so much about.) The same Eva that took a hotel room all to herself that was supposed to be used for everyone? How about even the same Eva that got on cam calling anyone that eats meat murderers and bad people...and telling them they are ingesting poison all the while smoking a cigarette. Oh, right. THAT Eva.

Like I're so freaking stupid you can't see the forest for the trees. You think yourself a queen, but the reality is that you're a pawn. A sad, insecure little pawn. News flash, f''re just making it worse on yourself. The more crap you pull, the more obvious it becomes. Hell, how can you even get information when you're not in the chats...been banned from the boards at least once...and you have *rarely* been on the plaza. So, if you aren't a delusional did you personally witness that, Dixie? Well? How was that possible? And why are folks that *have* been on the Plaza for extended periods (male and female) both saying you're full of it?

But i'm sure we're all just out to get you. The women are trying to suck up to their male overlords, f'sure, and the males are just trying to keep the females down and oppressed. Not like that's paranoid, or anything. We just don't understand. Only your cadre of blindly following chest thumpers can truly do that, parading the cause by smearing and harassing people via Facebook.

LADIES AND GENTLEMEN, I think we have just found the female equivalent of Rush Limbaugh.
F'sure. ;P

Thursday, March 8, 2012

Wow. Even quiet i'm popular.

In the latest from Dixie's blog, I get yet another mention. (Geeze, and i'm supposed to be the obsessed one.)  Here's what she has to say:

Phillip leads this pack of jackals, but I've already posted enough about him.  I will just point out here that somebody recently sent me information about Phillip too...very sad information, actually.  Information that gives context for his relentless and vicious attacks on me and other women who are part of ON, information, indeed, that explains why he's such a sad sack.  About that, I'll say only that I'm sorry he's had such a miserable lot in life, but I'm decidedly more sorry that his apparent way of dealing with it all is to project his anger onto others with lies and innuendo.

Wow. Where to begin with this.
1) Someone sent you information. Are you really so stupid as that you can't see the forest for the trees?
The same people "sending you" info are the same people that were sending info about you. You're just so eager to look mighty and dominant that you'll take whatever you can get. Oh wait.."anonymous people off of FACEBOOK." (Because those people surely always tell the truth, eh?) Here's one for you..when was the last time you verified that the person giving you information wasn't just trolling you? The reason I say this is because I know of at least three persons that have already done this, sending you fake information to test whether or not you'd actually check the details. They've all told me this, and i'm sure their identities will come out sooner or later. Just kind of makes me curious.

2) Funny that alot of that info wasn't posted, but yeah, so my life wasn't the WHAT? A few blog posts documenting some bad times as a means to get and keep it out of my system is hardly the decisive blow. Its amazing that in all the time you've spent writing, you seem to know little about actual investigation. Actually, that's probably why you didn't post it..because I could easily clarify alot of things that went on in the miscellaneous blog posts that got pasted in your comments section.
OH WAIT, I did that shortly before it got closed down.

3) Projecting anger with lies and innuendo. What would be the lies? You have yet to actually back up most of the things you say are lies...and you seem to love sticking on top of my head whatever gets passed around the next week, and the next, and the next. I'm not even a part of the Occupy anymore, and i'm still being accused of leading this and that.I can't actually recall the last time you *verified* anything...and you killed your comments because other people called you out on your bullshit. Men AND women alike. LOL, don't quit your day job.

What have I got angry about? People allowing crap to continue...and not sticking up for their own. That's definitely justified. As far as my usual ways of dealing with anger issues, they involve music, art, meditation..or just enjoying nature. So stick that in your crack pipe and smoke it. If you want clarification, actually ask me. You have enough time in the world to send me messages telling me i'm a POS, then you have enough time in to get your facts straight. I know that's difficult for you, but i'm sure it will be possible within the next 100 or so years when you develop some real class.

Oh, and then Occupy Patriarchy. Yeah, I saw your posts as Women Occupy Nashville, where you claim to speak for women occupiers yet have never been one yourself...saying how you repeatedly witnessed all of these acts...and what happened? Chris told you that you were full of it..and she would know as she's been ON the plaza for quite some time herself! Didn't have much to say on that, did you?

Tristan? Come on, that article was *slanted*. Even talking about Eva, he didn't actually get any additional testimony other than hers. The other stuff was ignored. You could easily sum it up as "My friend got picked on, and she's right because she's my friend!" (Gee, didn't we see similar with this and the KOS article for Jason?) When you go and harass someone and then cry "I'm a victim!"..(like going through the entire camp trying to stir up a mob on one person..)'re just a moron.

Oh, and Mimi Yahn...whom, in the aforementioned thread just ate up everything you said without checking up on any of it. Like most of what I saw from the Occupy Patriarchy group...because *gasp*, I actually bother to look into things, read websites, and so on. Sorry, but blind followers don't get a high reputation..they're just a mob no matter how you dress them up. So much of such that none of you realized that *everyone* got played a single co-opter/infiltrator. More on that coming up.

Occupy Misogyny? You're seriously full of shit. Many of the women have said time and time again that they have had little to no problems on the plaza. The people perpetuating this crap out of proportion come from your sad little grouping (most of which spends next to zero time on the plaza)..and Eva. Which, most folks don't listen to Eva for a reason. By the way, maybe you could report on how Eva still has donated equipment from the Plaza that should be on the Plaza but has adamantly refused to return it after multiple requests by multiple persons? Why so silent on that, Dixie?

Oh, and since I heard about this one, the thing with Matt and the donations is entirely false. Matt's gone to legal about it..and supposedly a woman came up and claimed this out of the blue. Matt doesn't handle donations in person, suggesting they be sent to the wepay account as a precaution, and he never accepts donations, especially checks.

Also, that kind of thing can *easily* be proven, yet has not..because there's nothing to it. Its bullshit. Matt is being targeted by your little group of screwjobs for little more than association with people you don't like. Like how the woman called up an Occupier after he announced he was getting a job was mentioned specifically that it was a woman, yelling all kinds of feminist garbage, and it ended up screwing up his chances at a job interview. All he did was mention it on the Occupy Nashville closed group site that is headed by Jason. That was it.

Why so silent on this, Dixie? And why are all your investigations easier to pick apart than a
kiddie scuffle in the sandbox?


Now that we've moved on from that...looking at my comments, I got a few from Jason! Oh, and Joe.
Funny, they like to tease others with their little meme-ish games..but what did I do? Oh, right. Made a meme about BOTH of them and made sure it got sent to them. Promptly blocked as a result. I laughed nice and long about that, then I had some egg salad and continued on with my day.

Yep, you're such a big man that you can tease other people but can't take even the most remote teasing yourself. Way to go. Or, maybe you're just insecure because my sense of humor was better. Regardless, you're still a putz. And Joe continues to be Ragealot Barbie from the sidelines. Whoop-dee. Cry me a river, and I sincerely hope at this point after all of your ridiculous milking of the situation you DO get put in the same cell as Andrew and that it is filmed. We can title it "Welcome to Real Life, Stupid!" ..and we can send a portion of the proceeds towards the education of people that will not be stupid dumbasses on a consistent basis.

Moving on, yes there is an infiltrator in the group (Dorsey is correct about this one!), and Jeremiah is his name-O! Ah, but how did he do it? And why is Dixie so concerned by these other folks and yet fails to look this guy up, or report on him? Curious. Why so obsessed, Dixie?

To put it simply..Jeremiah played all of Occupy Nashville. Through Will and Eva, he had an ear and riled stuff up in the Media and Women's groups. He had full run of Direct Action. Through Jason he had an ear and riled up within the Tech and Livestream, as well as the other groups Jason was a part of.

Jason had alot of personal info, which wound up leaked *shortly* after Jeremiah and Dillon were rooming with him and using his computer left and right. People getting targeted for this were those *close* to him..and only a few people could have known this information. But hey, how am I sure that Jeremiah knows what Jason does? Its simple, I *tested* him by throwing some things out when it was just myself and Jason during one of the early tech meetings. If that information got around, i'd knew who spread it..and if not, I'd know I could trust him.

So, I knew exactly how that info reached Jeremiah's ears when old Jeremy tried to use it as leverage during a heated argument myself and him which Jeremiah repeatedly attempted (and failed miserably) to play the victim, and engineer the use of head games. He brought up those details, thinking it would catch me off guard. Sorry chum, that crap doesn't work on me. Wait, I *told* him that. The result? He got mad and left, because he didn't have the control..and that's how this type of person works. All about the control. He can't

He would follow this up with Facebook harassment between him and Dillon using Jason's computer.
This is interesting to note, because these are the same type of tactics Jason himself would use along
with Joe and such later on!
(However, Jeremiah's role got ignored altogether, as he was on the sidelines..and not directly able to be attributed to anything. Just like almost every other time.)

Afterwards, anytime I'd say something Jeremiah would step in and act like an ass, saying I was contradicting myself or being rude in general. Kinda like how he was rude to the three statesmen that came to visit and show support. (It was so bad that the facilitators themselves got upset and left. )Why was he rude? It wasn't about capitalism. He had to enforce his own personal dominance and show that he was in control.

Lets go back to the building incident. Jeremiah was one of the main people involved. It was a spectacle designed to get police attention and get arrests., it was more than that. It was a test. What better way to find out who was with him and who wasn't than that? And boy, he found out. Those people that *didn't* wind up royally ticked off largely became part of his group.

And then as earlier, key people winding up the rest, while he stepped off to the side and just watched. The followers. The ones that have to be a part of the group that looks cool. They almost all fit the same pattern.

So the women's group gets riled up and the grudge with Tech/Livestream continues. Its funny, because Dixie and company do not really understand just how badly they've been played. You thought you were advancing your cause? Get real. The only thing you were doing is helping ol Jeremiah further wedge Occupy Nashville into something he could control. You *thought* you were targeting abusive males, etc....when in fact you were largely going on the say so and knee-jerk mob mentality reactions perpetuated by those working with him. And you'd never suspect it..because one of em was a woman!

Meanwhile, we have Jason giving us in the Tech and Livestream all sorts of news and rumors about who was doing what. HA, you thought that was ME? You're full of shit. It wasn't me. It was *him*. It was him all along. The dox-ing? Jason. The one telling everyone about the news? Jason. The one in almost every group? Jason. The one who sat back and let everyone else get the heat for it? Jason, and Jason again. Of course...we never realized just how badly *we* got played..and i'm sure the vast majority of them still don't realize it themselves.

Oh, and who does Jason run with? Jeremiah. The guy that spent the majority of the beginning simply watching with that blank, emotionless face of his. Cept for the eyes. Whenever that one gets caught in a lie, or a contradiction, his eyes change ever so slightly. He passes himself off as intelligent and attempts to be charismatic..but he's neither of these, easily slighted...etc.

Jeremiah bragged about getting into Anon Ops, where wolfy was admin. Soon afterwards, information
that may or may not be (we honestly don't know, and that's up to the law to decide, not a mob) accurate was posted from a chat. But, he as he was hanging around the media tent alot, he knew alot of the workings that went on there. Then it was off to Eva to go tap the women's group. And then it was off to Jason to get everyone else riled.

And it worked. We ate each other alive, and its still happening. Ontop of that, he's one of those that has fought Code of Conduct, fought Transparency (as it was too Fascist!)..and ensured that people are squabbling over their own issues rather than focusing on stated goals. Which was our biggest drawing point.

Now let's go to Andrew. Where does that guy fit in, other than he got into a fight with Jason? Oh wait, but he does. See, he ticked off Jeremiah a whiles before. The former People's Library tent. Jeremiah and Will find a group of people using it as a social tent. (They had the books inside) Jeremiah gets ticked, starts trying to order people around..and finally starts cutting the tent. There are 11 people in there...and needless to say, they weren't happy. Andrew was one of them that told off Jeremiah..whom
was a while off the plaza ever since...he knew he bit off more than he could chew. Will went on to completely back up Jeremiah (which makes he's part of that group. He follows what is in Jeremiah's interests.) and lie about the incident.

Flash forward to Andrew and Jason, with Jason releasing his info not once, but twice. Of course he knew it would piss off Andrew. This was all about getting a little revenge for Jeremiah. Jason had no real original reason to release the info in the first place..and do NOT buy that crap about a dangerous criminal in the public, etc..we've had a few people with criminal records and he's never batted an eye.
He was always the one that could never be bothered.

When the livestream incident in the bar happened, who released the link in the chat? Jason.
When the second incident with the Ustream happened..whom made it public again? Jason.

In both cases until later, Matt wasn't aware until the uproar that it was even public. (I remember the first one, as I wasn't around for the second...and he thought I was kidding about an uproar as his channel only had about 7 people in it. He didn't know Jason had made the link public.)

And who is Jason buddy buddy with, the real puppetmaster from behind the scenes? Jeremiah.
Who gets away with bizarre and outrageous behavior? (Storm the hilton, for one.) Jeremiah.

Its what you would call sociopathic behavior with control as the trigger. This sort of person has to feel like they are always in control and have the power. So they will do things to test it, escalating it more and more until they destroy themselves. Some go on to become actual criminals..partly to test the authority and see who's stronger...and partly to GET put in prison to test themselves against equally dangerous and depraved people. They are at the forefront to get the attention of the police and prove their dominance and authority over those already in those positions..and they don't care who they hurt in the end. Those people are just pawns in their little game, and are casually tossed aside when they aren't very useful anymore.

And shoot, the history is even there. Marked clashes with authority, vandalization of things. Nothing but a step by step escalation. Then the building action designed literally to get arrests with no other real purpose in mind. He knew it would be justified. The more influential people justifying it were the ones connected to him!

To that end, Jeremiah has gotten himself some key people in some key places, knew all the workings and goings on..and played Occupy Nashville against itself. That's right..I said it. Occupy Nashville that stood up against the state got played, manipulated, and hijacked by a single sociopath. He played all of them. They'd never suspect him as he was their good buddy. The quiet one. This is a mentality and a social issue that has caused more casualties than war or disease, folks. "Oh,he'd never do that.."
That is what folks like that EXPECT and KNOW you will say. That is why doubting is a survival skill.

But people didn't want to do that. People wanted to be all inclusive, or not seem like they were stirring up he just waltzed in and took over. This "kid" (and he is a grownup child) is full of contradictions...and its painfully obvious. One minute he's about peace and spirituality..the next minute its 'Fuck the police" and "we should storm the hilton!" He loves to throw around terms like Fascism (whenever someone disagrees with him on anything) like candy at Halloween..but its clear he really doesn't know what he's talking about. After all, when you have a group of followers that just want somewhere to they'll back up anything you say....well, that's hardly something to worry about, isn't it? (Seriously, look up the definition of sociopath.)

So now, we have a sociopathic juvenile delinquent with his own personal following (and everyone else that either can't or won't say jack diddly squat about it)....a tendency to escalate situations towards violence, and the need to provoke situations in order to justify his own personal authority...and eviction coming up of Occupy Nashville in 48 hours or so.

I wonder what he'd do in that situation?

Look, here's a word of advice..and you can take it or leave it. If you choose to ignore it, as far as i'm concerned its blood on your hands and its on your head. The next encounter will undoubtedly be a violent one. Steer clear of the Plaza. I'm serious. Take it on a 24-hour constant march with people joining and leaving as need be, and keep it up ALL WEEK LONG.
Don't fall into that trap.

And to obsessed as you are...seriously, what is your major malfunction? You claim to be about the cause and about Occupy Nashville and all...but the one person that is seriously the real harm to it....and connected to some of your not-so-favorite the one person you don't have the balls to report on or investigate?

Why so silent on this, Dixie? Blog that.